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Video Projector Simulated free


Video Simulation Projector Camera . Choose different type of video to put projection simulation on it.Have you ever thought this can be possible from cell phone? HD video projector , project any videos on wall or anywhere .The simulator simulates like working of a video animation projector by using flash light projector Simulation will allow you to project a picture or a photo on any projector Simulation is a fun prank app, it will give you a impression that its working like a real projector. projector Simulator is not a real HD video projector, not a way to project pictures from phone on the wall! You cannot get real high definition video projection of high quality! HD projector Simulator offers you to imitate the work of a real projector but only on the phone screen! Pretend that you’re watching HD video projection from phone, make a photo of it and show it to your friends! Act like it’s a real projector! Choose from standard animation or open standard videos!Face projector Simulation Prank will allow user to take a picture from front and back cameras and project it on any surface so you will get a feeling that whole world is looking at your picture.
video projector Simulator Prank will works like a 3D Holograms projection.
You can Surprise everyone! With face projector Simulator Prank application
See the face projection of you or your loved ones, anywhere you want, View a face projection on the table, wall or even the sky.
You want to have your own projector? Look through the phone’s screen what it would look like to have HD high quality video on the wall of your house! Choose if you want to buy a real HD projector!
The camera phone on the screen defines a person saves the photo, the flash is activated and the screen gives the impression that the picture is projected on any surface.
Note: video projector Simulation or 3D Hologram Prank is only for fun. The Face projector is not real and does not project any video.